Bequia, The In's & Out's

 Bequia An untouched paradise, The real Caribbean. It's more accessible than one may think, with the extra hop on a flight from Barbados by Svg Air/One Caribbean. Taking as little as 35 minutes your Ideal Summer Getaway Awaits.  This short journey takes you away from, big-scale resorts, noisy traffic & beaches filled with an island of Natural Splendor. With friendly welcoming people, swaying palm Trees, idyllic beaches, lush green hillsides and a simple Unhurried Lifestyle Bequia makes the Perfect Vacation Home. The island of Bequia has a tropical climate, which means that the weather is consistently Warm, With cool breezes Coming From the East West & South. Don't just think about the typical tourist season of November to April, as some of the best times to visit are during the summer months of June, July & August when all of the island's beautiful flora is in full bloom & fruit crops are prolific and everyone is knee deep in Mangos!  Its Finally Time to sip on a rum punch, lie back and relax!

Climate - The temperature varies little from season to season, averaging about 27° C (81° F). The cooler period is November to February. The rainy season extends, roughly, from May to October. St. Vincent has the most rainfall, with the annual average rainfall being 380 cm (150 inches) inland and 200 cm (80 inches) on the coast. The other islands are generally drier, but still receive plenty of rain to keep them green.

Economy - Banana production remains important within SVG’s dominant agricultural economy. However, there is an expanding service sector, including a growing tourist industry and a significant “offshore” financial services sector. Recent growth has also been stimulated by strong activity in the construction sector. The manufacturing sector is relatively small at present. The GDP has been growing at an annual rate averaging around 4%.

Currency – Local currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (EC$). Transactions in US Dollars, with which the EC$ is linked, are also generally acceptable and welcomed.


Why invest in the Grenadines?

New Opportunities - Unlike much of the Caribbean, SVG’s tourism industry is newly developing. At the same time real estate opportunities here, including second home ownership, is really only just starting to feature in the consciousness of overseas investors.

Wonderful Environment - A visit to St Vincent & The Grenadines is captivating. This is a place for discerning investors who appreciate the value that quality and sustainability can yield. To avoid “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs” a sensitive approach to development is needed, seeking to work within the country’s wonderful environment, to support local inhabitants and to sustain a healthy local economy.

Low Taxes – SVG’s tax regime is designed to attract overseas investors and visitors. There is no Capital Gains or Inheritance Tax payable. Although VAT is payable generally at 15%, there is a reduced rate of 10% for hotel accommodation. A helpful source of information about the tax regime in SVG is

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