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The Schaedle's sailed into Bequia harbor on Christmas Eve in 1978. They had arrived from their Atlantic Crossing on a French Three Master named Belle Espoir.    -(Good Hope)- After Coming into port, They immediately fell in love with this beautiful isle and decided to spend a few weeks. While exploring the island, they stumbled upon a remote spot above the sea, a stunning discovery with gorgeous views overlooking the entire Grenadine Island chain: formidable walls, ancient cisterns and heavy foundations - all abandoned! The discovery haunted them. After returning to Bequia the following year they managed to purchase the estate and set off re-building the ancient ruins which they believed to be a former fortified sugar plantation. These rebuilt structures became to be known as the Old Fort Hotel, which up to this day accommodates guests and visitors from all over the world. Although the Schaedle's have been involved in hospitality & real estate  for decades, it's since the turn of the Century that they have become more involved where commercial real estate and development is concerned. Old Fort Estates on Mt. Pleasant, Is truly magnificent & has many amazing sites available. Bear in mind however, that the properties shown, can only provide a snapshot of the beauty and opportunities available while combining knowledge of the region and local contacts. The Schaedle's Highly Recommend A visit To this wonderful Isle, where we can Truly Make Your Dream's A Reality.

The Schaedle's had traveled extensively and are proud to have a background on the beautiful island of Bequia and The Grenadines for over 40 years. Here in this quaint part of the Caribbean, you will be amazed with what we can offer by combining our knowledge of the region and network of local contacts. We do not offer a standard homogeneous product one can almost find everywhere in the world today. What we offer is a unique experience. Bequia is not just for tourists who want to bask in the sun all day long but for individualists who had worked hard for years on end to finally make come through their dream of owning a property in PARADISE.This is exactly what the owner of the estate did, who left Germany over 35 years ago in search of a happy life, which according to him he has managed to achieve. He was able to purchase an abandoned plantation, "A historic land mark" on the Mt. Pleasant top, restored the ancient buildings and turned it into a private hotel & Estate and planted hundreds of trees in the most beautiful and secluded area of the island. This location commands sweeping views over dozens of island floating in the sparkling Caribbean Sea. 'PARADISE' as close as one can get!.

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